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Hand milking “GERTIE” the cow proves to be a major attraction at Kiltale Farm. Each morning at 10.00 a.m and again in the evening at 5.30 all the guests gather around on the farm to watch  farmer Micheál hand milk Gertie the cow. She produces a large bucket of fresh frothy milk. The cream is collected daily and saved for butter making. 


This summer Mary and Micheál introduced the old art of Irish Butter Making on the farm.  The cream is collected from the milk daily and stored away in the fridge until there is enough to make butter.

Every Monday evening there is a butter making lesson on the farm.
Again guests from all over the globe gather around at the farm kitchen
and take part in churning the cream to make the butter. This process takes about an hour from start to finish. Families have great fun and enjoy this old traditional .

When all the work is done and a few pounds of butter made, Mary puts on the kettle and produces her home made cake of brown bread and treats everyone to a cup of tea and brown bread with a taste of the freshly made home made butter.

This is a great opprotunity for the guests to get to know one another and of course for the many children that visit Kiltale Farm to make friends and play together in the evenings when they return back from their day out.




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